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*(pre-payment for one-year required, subject to approval and availability).

For specific pricing on an ad program that fits your needs and budget, or if you have any questions related to advertising, feel free to call Randy Harris at (508)371-8822, or use our online contact form to send us a message.

Display Ads - display advertising is available on most pages of our websites. We can assist you in designing an ad and properly formatting it. We will be happy to work with you or your advertising representative and can accept ads in many sizes and formats.

Text Ads - We do not sell links or text ads directly to businesses. All of our text ads are furnished by Google on behalf of Adwords advertisers. If you're interested in having your text ads appear on our site, please visit the Adwords Website and configure your account to display ads on which is part of the Adwords content network.

Glossary of Online Advertising Terms

The following terms are used in the descriptions of our our online advertising programs and are provided to help you understand the basics of online advertising.

  • Display Ad - (also called "banner ads" or "graphic ads"), this refers to graphic image files used to display an advertisers message. Display ads may contain company logos, photographic images, text, or other graphical components.

  • Display Ad Dimensions - this is the physical size measured in pixels and will most often be stated as (Height x Width). Example: if an ad is said to be (468h x 60w), that ad, including any border or background area will be 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high.

  • File Size - this is the size of the display ad file in bytes and refers to the amount of data used to store or transfer the file. At times we may require that excessively sized image files be optimized or compressed to increase display speed.

  • Animated Display Ad - animated ads are comprised of two or more frames of display graphics which, when displayed visually appear as moving images. There is a premium charge for animated display ads as they effectively increase the amount of display advertising space, (e.g.- a 125w x 125h animated ad with four frames, delivers 125 x 125 x 4 pixels of display advertising).

  • Flash - this is a type of graphics used for interactive and animated advertising based on Adobe® Flash, Shockwave, Actionscipt, or Flash Video. All ads submitted in Flash format must include alternate (.JPG, .GIF or .PNG ad to be served to users who do not have flash enabled).

  • Impression(s) - in terms of online display advertising, an impression is registered each time an ad is displayed to a visitor. Note, in most cases the reported number of impressions is much lower than the actual number of times your ad was viewed, as most modern web-browser software cache's an image the first time it is displayed during a session and then displays it from the user's cache for subsequent display of the same image.

  • Ad Position - this refers to a description of where on a the site, and where within a given a page an ad will appear.

  • Run of Site - this refers to advertising that is displayed in any of the available ad positions and is sometimes referred to as "Ad Rotation".

  • Home Page Ad - these are premium ads that appear on the home page and typically viewed more frequently that ads on any other page within the website.

  • Link - (also called a hyperlink), display ads are configured so the user can click on the ad and it will then display a webpage at the address specified in the link. Typically, display ads are configured to link to the home page of your own website, but may be configured to link to any page you choose, (see: Landing page, next section).

  • Landing Page - this is a web page designed specifically to be the destination a user is taken to when they click on an ad. Landing pages can be used to track the number of users who click through, and additionally may be designed to present a special offer or present the user with a form so they can request additional information or purchase goods or services.

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